May 27, 2013

Gotta hide my laptop!!!

I don't know about your children, but my boys discovered Minecraft a year or so ago, and life at home has not been the same! Although we limit their computer usage to about 1 hour during weekdays and double on weekends, it is getting more and more difficult to get them to log off when time is up.

The worse part of it: since we have two boys, one uses the desktop and the other... my laptop. What was I thinking??? Invariably, when I get an idea for a post my youngest son is in the middle of 'something' and I can't write. This has got to end...

No, I am not buying him his own computer. Yes, Minecraft is a great game (if you haven't heard about it, read this week's Time magazine for an informative article on it), but now the laptop freezes all the time. I put a stop to the recording of videos for YouTube. Still, the thing freezes.

As for the desktop, it is plagued by the redirect virus, and I can't get much done there either.  Norton AntiVirus hasn't done a thing about it. My husband (oh, no!) spent two hours once working on it and said he had fixed it. Not! I am about to put that computer under quarantine...

I am having surgery this coming Thursday (Carpal Tunnel, left hand first, although one of the fingers on the right hand is already totally numb...), and am trying to get projects done, have a few posts I would like to write, and now I must compete for time on the laptop. Help!!!

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