May 3, 2013

Bundle of Joy


This is Nicholas, my first grandchild. He will be three weeks old this coming Sunday. He is a calm, alert, gorgeous baby. Yesterday, he rode 12 hours to his new home on the outskirts of San Francisco, CA. I am driving to California on Monday and will stay there for one week to help his mom and dad settle in their new place, and to get some more time with Nicholas.

I found out I can easily calm him down when he is tired, singing Brazilian lullabies and gently rocking him. He has very long fingers - will he be a pianist when he grows up? His hair is black and his skin has the beautiful tan from his Peruvian mother.

My quilting friends have been so generous, showering him with gifts. They are happy WITH me for this new addition to our family. Many of them live away from their grandchildren, so they have been supportive, reminding me that San Fran is just a stone's throw away from Utah. My husband has been kind enough to rearrange his schedule in order to take care of our boys so I can go see my grandbaby, along with my mom who is visiting from Brazil.

For sure I will organize a 'shop hop', stopping by as many quilt stores as I can find on my way to and fro San Francisco. Fun!!!

I am filled with gratitude to Heavenly Father for my family, for sending Nicholas to our midst, for loving friends who put up graciously with my crazy ways. Blessings to no end...

Happy Friday!


  1. Lindo!! Parabéns, e aproveita bastante a viagem!!

  2. Congratulations on your newest family addition. What a beautiful/handsome boy, You are a lucky grandmama.

  3. Enjoy your new bundle of love...He is precious!!

  4. Parabéns de novo e de novo!!!!!!Muita saúde e felicidades para toda sua família.


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