April 19, 2013

Spring Cleaning

I had dozens and dozens of quilt magazines in my studio. This week I decided to look through them, remove the pages I wanted to keep, and throw the magazines away. In the evenings, when I had no energy left for anything else, I would put my feet up and look through each magazine. I kept favorite patterns, pages with tips and tutorials, inspirational pictures, and nothing else.

Yesterday I purchased two binders and plastic sheet protectors. In one binder I placed tabs for quilts, gift and small projects, and Christmas patterns. The other binder had tabs for applique and embroidery, loose templates, tips and tutorials. I used 100 plastic sheet protectors for all the material I saved, placed them under the appropriate tab, and will need to buy a few extra sheets.

Now, instead of 6 magazine filing boxes I have 2 binders. When looking for ideas, I will only sift through what I like, saving me a ton of time. As for the inspirational pictures, I glued them in my sketch book.

I am looking for ideas to organize rulers (they make an unruly mess on my cutting table!), interface and fusible web... Do you have any organizational tips to share?


  1. I've seen where people use those hanging shoe holders with the clear pockets to put their interfaceings & stabalizers I have also seen them in wine racks

  2. I have a piece of peg board in a frame hanging above my sewing desk and have my rulers hanging from pegs on it. I don't have a ton yet, so my long skinny ones share one peg and my square ones share another. It keeps them organized and out of my way, and I can get to the one I want with ease.


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