April 23, 2013

Machine applique

This is my other source of relaxation: machine applique. I can't show you the whole quilt as it is for our round robin... The colors turned out so nice, I may even make a quilt for myself with them.

I am adding some embroidery on the corners, but am not sure I like the thread I am using (too thick) as the French knots are not turning out right.  It looks like a do over...

Applique is a great technique to use when the quilt blocks are very geometric, and the whole project could benefit from rounder lines. Vines, flowers, and leaves add softness, resulting on a more appealing design.

It is fun choosing fabrics with different textures for the applique shapes. Those fabrics provide another opportunity to play with lines.

I added some berries, too. Once the embroidery is done, it will be ready for the next person to work on the other border. There are 13 of us participating in the round robin this year. We will need to wait until the end of the year to see how our quilts, which started with our center block, will turn out after 5 people have had a chance to work on them.

Delayed gratification... easier to teach our kids than to live it.


  1. Lovely appliqué. Round robin projects are nice to keep. A better idea than a straight swap.

  2. Your applique looks wonderful... I'm just getting ready to do some and I hope I'm up to the task!

  3. Oi vovó! Ando meio atarefada por aqui,mas seu trabalho vale a pena,é muito bem feito.


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