March 29, 2013

Iris Quilting

What a cool book! Iris quilting by Maruscha Gaasenbeek features 16 designs, and I have already turned one of them into a wall hanging!

Maruscha started using her iris folding technique to make greeting cards, and later used the same technique with fabric. The results are beautiful. She copies the design onto lightweight interfacing and sew pieces of fabric onto the interfacing. Are you thinking paper piecing? That is exactly what I did...

I chose the first design, Heart to Heart, but traced it onto paper instead. It turned out so cool! I will show it on another post as it is almost done.

The butterflies will be next for sure, followed by the kites. I love paper piecing - it is super easy, the blocks turn out perfect all the time, and you can 'assembly-line' them to ensure you are using the right fabrics at the right places should you be making more than one block. I will try it using interface rather than paper, sometime.

I am so glad I got this book... Of course, there is no more room in my closet-turned-library, yet somehow the books just keep calling my name.

Check out Maruscha's website for more information on her iris folding designs - she has many books on the technique using paper, for your delight if you are a paper crafter!

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