February 15, 2013

Carrying case for notions

My friend Diana strikes again! She made this soft and pretty carrying case for notions. Her choice of colors and attention to details are impeccable. It measures 12" x 8" when closed, and it opens to 20 1/2".

Notice that all pockets are see-through, making it easy for us to find where we put what...

There is even a special place for pens and pencils. I don't know where she finds these great patterns and, in fact, I don't want to know, so long as I keep getting samples of them (hint hint)...

When people know you collect something, you always get more of that item. My mom used to collect elephants. I say 'used to' because she got so many she has officially stopped collecting them. I 'used to' collect frogs... I have just changed my mind. From now on I will let everyone know I collect hand made gifts!!!

Here are important dates for all of you, my friends, to remember: Easter is just around the corner, Mother's Day, my birthday is June 22, Valentine's Day in Brazil is in June, Children's Day in Brazil is in October, Christmas is coming soon, and I will even pass on the candy during Halloween as long as you give me something hand made!

That should do it. Now, someone please tell Diana to read this post, 'cause I ain't doing it! :-)


  1. Isn't it wonderful to have such great friends!!! I have a girl friend who is always making me wonderful things. This is so much fun and I can't wait till I get mine done that I have had on my list forever!!!

    Have a great time in Hawaii next week. I miss you all.

    Melanie Hopes


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