January 3, 2013

Wool Block Number 2

Drum roll... Here is my second block for the wool wall hanging I am designing.

I wanted to sew around the background fabric before I started the applique to prevent fraying as I stitch, but did not feel like contending with Sapphire the cat, as she had gotten to my chair before I did... Thus, the hanging threads!

This design was based on a drawing by Rita Martin (1986). It features my husband's favorite ducks. After I applique the wool, it is so nice to figure out where to embroider, and what to add to the block.

Here are more details:

I am mixing threads (DMC floss and Presencia # 16 - my favorite!). Buttons and glass beads made a come back on this block, and you will see them again on block 3, which is almost ready!

What a nice way to beat this cold weather we are having: 6 degrees (F) this morning here in Utah. Let me know what you think of the block!


  1. Menina,menina!!!
    Que pontinhos são estes?
    Fiquei com dó dos meus garranchos.
    Está uma delicadeza,parabéns!Aqui,está em torno de 38 graus,duranta o dia,agora começou uma chuva abençoada mas,ventiladores e ar ligados.Para mim que não gosto de piscina e praia,é o caus. Beijos,vou dormir são 3.00 da madrugada e o sono já veio . ..


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