January 8, 2013

Having fun with log cabin blocks

So far I have only worked with traditional log cabin blocks. This is about to change as a few days ago I received for review a book from Alicia's Attic called "Not Your Grandmother's Log Cabin", by Sara Nephew with Marci Baker. 

Using a 60 degree ruler and following pretty simple cutting instructions, log cabin blocks can be turned into stars, snow flakes, bird wings... the possibilities are amazing to me!

Sarah Nephew and Marci Baker walk you through the process, from fabric selection to cutting and sewing each block, covering basic concepts such as the best way to achieve consistent 1/4" seams, as well as sewing pieces with ears, ways to keep all your fabric pieces organized, and when to still use the foundation piecing method of constructing log cabin blocks.

The quilt designs featured in this book are very creative, appealing to both quilters who prefer a scrappy look, and those who prefer a more harmonized color scheme. Here are some examples to get your mouth watering...

Dawn Star, page 60
Owls, Page 90
Flower Petal
What burst of colors!!! Huhmm... gotta go through my fabric stash and start pulling out fabrics for one of these...

Have you made 60 degree log cabin quilts? I would like to see them!


  1. Oi Denise,

    Achei lindos, mas ainda um pouco fora das minhas habilidades.
    Mas o que é o "60 degree log cabin quilts"?
    Coloquei no Google, mas não consegui nada que me esclarecesse.

  2. How cool! My mother in law would love that Owl quilt. I'm adding it to my list of future quilts. :)


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