January 10, 2013

Hand quilted treasure

Right before Christmas our Wednesday quilt group finished hand quilting this beautiful project. Lee told the story on the video I mentioned on my blog in December (see post here).

Lee's mother-in-law gave her this project right after she got married, about 56 years ago. Lee finally finished the applique 15 years ago, but put it away as she did not think she could hand quilt it by herself.

When we needed another project to hand quilt back in October, she remembered this quilt... and we happily agreed to work on it.

We quilted around each flower, leaf, branch, and wherever it was marked. We laughed, told stories, bent countless needles... but mostly were happy she would finally be able to enjoy the quilt.

Hand quilting is a work of love, made it all the more special when you quilt a project for a dear friend! Thanks, Lee, for giving us the opportunity to help on this one!


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