January 9, 2013

Best Birdhouse EVER!!!

My friend Sue had her wood sculptor make this luxurious birdhouse to adorn her already gorgeous garden.

Made with cedar, with hand carved cedar shingles, and enough room to house many families of local birds, this birdhouse stands almost 5 feet tall, not including the 'penthouse'...

What beautiful craftsmanship! The branch leading to the penthouse is encrusted with stones. As you see details on pictures below, you may recognize trimmings courtesy of other local animals!

As I understand it, this is the first whimsical piece of work by this serious sculptor. I would give him an A for his first try, wouldn't you?

This birdhouse has been on my mind since I saw it today. A house befitting the delicate, graceful birds (works of art themselves) which will someday inhabit it.


  1. Que bom gosto!E trabalho lindo que só se explica as mãos de Deus guiando as do artista.Obrigada por compartilhar,vou dormir melhor e nas orações pedir BENÇÃOS para vocês três.BeijoGRANDE.

  2. This is pretty amazing. And it's big!

  3. Que linda!! Tem muito estilo, um trabalho de arte.
    Não esquece de mostrar pra gente quando estiver habitada.
    Parabéns ao artista.

  4. He did an amazing job!!!! Wouldn't want any birds to mess it up!

  5. It is a most lovely bird house that is befitting the lovely lady that now owns it and shares it with all of us in the group. I love you guys!!!!

    M Hopes

  6. Man I've never seen such beautiful bird house, where can I buy them?



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