December 31, 2012

Wool - newest addiction?

This is the first block for a wall hanging I am designing using wool and embroidery. I worked on it the other night until 1 am... I only stopped because I knew the boys would be up very early in the morning (6 am or so as usual), and I'd better get some shut eye.

Wool applique using slip stitch is very relaxing to me. Then, figuring out how to embroider each piece is fun as you decide on stitches and floss colors. I am so glad I organized my embroidery floss the way I did (see picture below)!
Three-ring binder with plastic sleeves for storing film negatives. The plastic sleeves are from The Container Store.

Here are more details on the block. Yes, I am courageous with the embroidery as I try stitches I've never used before - I need to practice somewhere, right?
Trellis couching on the blue dots, outline stitch on the stems, running stitches around the cool buttons (I am so happy I got those buttons! See previous post here),
glass beads on the light blue oval flowers.

How do you like the butterfly? Not all embroidery stitches will work with wool, due to its thickness: the white back stitches on the butterfly wings look more like running stitches... but it looked OK to me so I left them that way. 

What do you think? I have no idea what the next block will look like, but I will start working on it right away.

In the meantime, best wishes for a healthy, creative, and successful New Year!


  1. Your block is very cute and creative.

  2. Awesome! I love all the details!!!
    Melanie hopes.

  3. Você é talentosa mulher!Para mim está ótimo.FELIZ ANO NOVO!FELIZ ANO TODO!!!Beijos.

  4. Olá Denise,recebi um convite de um sorteio aqui,mas não encontrei de qualquer forma, vim trazer-lhe meu desejo de um ano diferente e melhor, pleno de trabalho verdadeiro, realizações e produção, além de reconhecimento por transformar para melhor as pessoas que cruzam sua existência. Receba meu abraço carinhoso,e tenha sempre bons dias.
    Lilian - ♥Duas Moças Prendadas!



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