December 14, 2012

Snowman Table Toppers

It took our group of 8 a few days but we got them all done - 27 table toppers for Christmas! This is the second year that we choose a project and work on it together, each one ending up with a few gifts to give to family members or friends for Christmas. It beats working in the studio on your own!

Each one measures 36" x 36" and no two are alike. We got organized, laughed, undid stitches, complained about machines, undid some more stitches, ate delicious potluck lunches... In the end, we were ready to go back to our 'regularly scheduled project' (hand quilting a top that is about 55 years old!).

One of the times we met was a particularly difficult day for me. I was undoing some stitches and ended up cutting a big whole on the snowman's face. I was so embarrassed... My girlfriends made light of it.  Yesterday, I had them over for lunch at my house. It was a wonderful time together, but they made it all the more special for me when they gave me this:

I got the prettiest snowmen of all! They fixed the whole on the snowman's face by turning it into a 'mole'! Then, they put moles on two other snowmen, and made a wall hanging!!! They are the BEST friends a girl could ask for...

Last year we made table runners with matching Christmas napkins. I wonder what next year's project will be (hopefully, something that does not involve blanket stitching so many circles in such a short period of time).

How about you? Did you work on any assembly-line type project? :-) Do you prefer to work on your gifts alone or in a group?

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  1. Sometimes I like to assembly line projects, but I usually have to finish one once in a while to keep the momentum going, make me feel accomplished!

  2. I think your snowman is fantastic. What a wonderful idea for a mistake. Great gift ideas. I need to get involved with a group. Your post is a great start to my day. Thank you.

  3. Oh my gosh! I just love those snowman table toppers. Is that a pattern you created and is there a tutorial or pattern somewhere?

  4. Those snowmen are just beautiful.Is apaperpiecing pattern?


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