December 18, 2012

Wednesday Quilt Group Video

I belong to a quilt guild called Piece of Heaven. A few of my friends from the guild (Sue, Rosemary, Lee, Diana, Connie, Sandi) and I have also been meeting weekly on Wednesdays to hand quilt projects to be donated, for someone's wedding gift, for our guild's auction, etc.

A few weeks ago, Jeffrey, Rosemary's son-in-law, asked if he could interview us for a project - he is a communications major at Brigham Young University, in Provo, Utah, and an intern at the Deseret News. Being the fun, loving ladies that we are ( ! ), we said "Sure, why not?" He hung around us for maybe an hour or so while we were busy working on our snowman table toppers for Christmas.

Last night, Rosemary emailed me a link to the short video Jeffrey put together, and told me he got an A on his project. Great job, Jeffrey! Of course, you picked the right subject! To watch it, click Wednesday Quilt Group, and you will know what I am up to on Wednesdays!

So... are you ready to start your own quilt group? If not yet, maybe you can help us: we need a more creative name for our Wednesday group. Any ideas? :-)


  1. How about The Quilting Angels because you really are Angels helping not only with each others projects, but also making items for others not as fortunate.


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