December 14, 2012

Newtown, CT

No explanation of motive, gun law debate, security measure will bring back life as it was before for the families of the 20 little children and the adults who perished today in Newtown, CT.

I cannot bear the photographs, the speculation, the endless news updates. It happened in our country, inside an elementary school, and I am stunned and ashamed. Stunned, as I cannot understand this tragedy. Ashamed, because I belong to the same race as the gunman.

How does one comfort their families? How does one calm down the children who survived the shooting? Why did this have to happen so close to Christmas? I refuse to discuss this with my boys unless they hear it from another source - it is too painful, senseless, and I cannot promise they are safe!

Cowardice... insanity... I am not sure my vocabulary has the proper term for such action. As my head throbs, I cannot begin to imagine the pain those parents are feeling right now.

When a natural disaster strikes, as Hurricane Sandy did, we feel powerless but work through our grief by 'doing' things, by serving those who were affected. How do we serve the families of those who died today? I pray Heavenly Father will give them strength, will comfort them as only He can, will inspire those surrounding the families, so they will know what to do or say . What else can we do right now but pray?

I never thought I would feel this way, but today I wished the Mayans were right...

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  1. É isso...Mas não podemos nos esquecer das crianças que presenciaram e estão traumatizadas pela insegurança.Não tem explicação para tal insanidade.Estou chocada.Minha solidariedade e orações.Fique bem.Se o SENHOR É POR NÓS,QUEM SERÁ CONTRA ???.


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