December 27, 2012

Mug rug

Melanie, from our quilt guild, gave us mug rugs for Christmas. Isn't it cute? It is made of flannel, with a small button on one of the corners of the cuff.

I have seen square or rectangular mug rugs, but this is the nicest one yet. Not quite seven inches, it is perfect for small spaces.

Now I do not need napkins on my cutting table...

Thanks, Melanie!!!


  1. Really cute! And flannel too, great idea.

  2. Bonito de montão a bessa prá caramba,kkkk. Por aqui manchamos as mesas mesmo... Eu vi um dia desses numa loja, um que era uma margarida, e o miolo tinha em volta um viés de uns dois centímetros de altura e no fundo deste era cheio de miçangas. Parecia trabalhoso...beijos


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