December 12, 2012

Are you still sleeping???

It’s 5 am on 12/12/12. The wind is blowing ferociously. It feels like a long time ago when my 12-year-old woke up, walked upstairs, and fell asleep again, this time on the wrong bed, and on the wrong side of the bed (mine), while I was already there. It was all I could do not to fall off! Well, it has been almost four hours since.

Counted sheep, had water, prayed.  Nothing. The funny noises Chris was making, combined with his father’s snoring, formed a somber duet louder than the wind outside, keeping the lights on in my brain. I tiptoed out of the bedroom…

Forgot the scriptures. Forgot the Kindle. Hmmm… Not going back in there. Blog hopping wasn't really a good choice... but I did not have your phone number. Three and a half hours later I crawl back into the cot-size space left for me on the king-size bed, nudge Sapphire the cat away, and pretend I can snooze. My feet are freezing, so I place them under the cat’s body, then next to her body, then almost over her body. Nothing. That took an entire twenty minutes of effort, and I am back in the family room.

It is cold... I didn’t want to make noise in the bedroom and open a drawer to fish out a pair of socks. Peppermint tea was supposed to do the trick, but I have to resort to a quilt and the fire place for warmth. Sapphire is now laying on the quilt draped over my legs – is it payback time?

Today is 12/12/12, and I was bumped out of bed by a 12-year old. This is going to be a looooooooooooonnnng, Coke-filled, sleepy kind of day…

PS: If you are already awake, don't forget to put in an entry to win a layer cake from Riley Blake Designs - check out the giveaway post here.


  1. Você está ansiosa por conta do menino...Parabéns,que venha com saúde e que lhe traga muitas alegrias.Eu estou igual ""pinto no lixo"" .Meus netos são a ESMERALDA que sonhei um dia.Beijos e boa soneca mais tarde.

  2. Wow, I've been up at that time before and the house is cold. I did it once and my husband said, "what are you doing up at this time"? I'm glad you went back to bed. We had some snow this morning but it's not going to stick. Maybe this week end. Enjoy your day.


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