November 26, 2012

Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday...

Last Saturday I went to JoAnn's very early in the morning, armed with coupons and cash. Look what I got:

Yep, the entire roll of my favorite batting! When my friend Diana S., who also happened to be there super early with her mom, suggested I buy the entire roll since the price was so good, I listened!

I am the proud owner of this roll of 40 yards of Warm and Natural batting, except I feel like a thief who just stole the contents of an entire house but can't pack it all onto his 'bicycle'!!! Where in the world will I store this?

DH was happy with the savings, and said: "Wow, now you have batting for at least two years!" Ignorance is bliss, huh? :-)

How about you - did you find any deals you could not resist?

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  1. WOW what a great idea!!! I used my 60% off a few weeks ago to purchase an extra large cutting mat for our island top to cut large strips and square up quilts. This is a great idea for the next big coupon! I think if you are going to use things the best way to buy them is on sale!!!


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