October 26, 2012

Snow pumpkin?

My friend Celeste and her daughter brought over this awesome pumpkin the other day. I love how they decorated with black and white ribbon - against the white paint. The black tulle ribbon on the stem completes the look.

Today I am calling it 'snow pumpkin' because, if you notice on the left side of the picture, we got two inches of snow yesterday (see next picture). No fair! This is still October!!!

Sapphire the cat went out on the deck for less than a minute this morning, curious about the white stuff on the floor... Too cold for her paws!

Can you believe this? The lovely fall weather didn't really last long this year.

Back to creative Celeste and her gift: this is another fast project (pumpkin, white paint, ribbons, tulle, and glue gun). However, everyone will notice and comment on it, as has happened to mine.

How lucky I am to be surrounded by wonderful and creative friends! Oh, and I almost forgot the other part of her gift! Check out this cute Halloween pillow:

Cute, huh? She knows I love cats... My boys have been playing with it, and I am glad Halloween will end next week - I will put it away before it frays completely (although the stitched line around the pillow will hold it together regardless of how rough they are)!

For Halloween, I prefer "cute" rather than "freaky"... How about you? What do you do, and how do you decorate for Halloween?


  1. What a beautiful pumpkin gift and how appropriate considering your snow! WOW it seems a bit early for snow doesn't it :) Lovely cat pillow as well!

  2. Celeste is such a sweetheart. She is very generous and loving. I love the gifts she brought you. As for your question. I like cutsie. Freaky scares me!!! xoxo


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