October 8, 2012

Flannel Quilt

The weather was very cold last night for the first time this month, and I started thinking again about working with flannels.  Then, my sister surprised me today with pictures of quilts I made for her and her family. Among the pictures, was this flannel one I made for her 16-year-old daughter, Amanda.

As I mentioned before, when working with flannels I prefer to use less complicated blocks. The quilting is simple as well, to maintain the soft hand of the project.

This pattern is found in Thimbleberries' Oh Sew Cozy Flannel Quilts by Lynette Jensen on page 49, and it is called Flannel Reflections.  I also made the Picnic Quilt on page 104, and Toastie Toes on page 31. I absolutely love this book and if you like flannel quilts, this book is a MUST have in your quilt library!

My sister's house has exposed bricks on almost all walls, so I tend to use warm colors on their gifts (maybe the fact that I prefer warm colors have something to do with my choice of colors, too!).

Since then, I believe Amanda and Soraia, her sister, have switched quilts, which is fine with me... I will post Soraia's quilt later.

I think it is time to make another flannel quilt for my house!

Do you enjoy working with flannels? Do you have a favorite pattern you use time and again?

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