October 23, 2012

Creative mending

My youngest son, Ryan, asked me to mend his jeans for him. They are one of his favorites - the other one is just like this one! He actually told me how he wanted me to do it. At first, I thought he wanted me to cut out fabric and sew it on top of the rip (or I could use one of those patches that we glue on the pants). Well, this is what he wanted:

I call it "Ryan's broken heart jeans"... Now, he wants me to fix the other one, too. I wonder how long this 'patch' will last, and also wonder how many of you will look at this and say: What? Is she crazy? Well, I made an 11-year-old happy today!

1 comment:

  1. Sweet! He gets the hole closed up - for warmth or modesty - and he gets to keep the rips! Genius!


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