October 12, 2012

Christmas time has been on my mind. I need to take inventory of the gifts I have already made, and who they go to. This year I should add my name to the list!

Last year (I think it was last year!) I purchased two of the panels on the left with the intention of making two identical wall hangings: one for me and one for Miriam, my sister. This way, although every Christmas we are thousands of miles apart, we would be "together" when we looked at our wall hangings.

Of course, hers was made right away but mine is still in the drawer. I will get mine out early and get it ready. When I work with panels, I usually keep the borders simple so as to emphasize the panel itself. However, I free motion quilt the heck out of it... that is so much fun for me!

How about you: are you planning on making anything special for you for Christmas?

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