September 19, 2012

Surface Design fun

My first class at Quilt Fest in St. George, Utah, was a blast! Anne Munoz and Lisa Chin taught "Catch the Surface Design Bug". We donned our aprons, grabbed our pretty (and not so pretty) fabrics, and followed their expert advice for a day chock-full of experimentation, discovery, and plain child-like fun!

We learned to use products to remove color of fabric, to both remove and apply new color to fabric in one step, and to use acrylic paints, inks, and paint sticks to create our own 'masterpieces'.

In addition to a variety of paints, we used paint and stencil brushes, stencils, stamps, cups, kitchen utensils, etc, to come up with new fabric designs or enhance existing prints. Anne and Lisa were armed with an arsenal of materials for our delight, as well as handouts, catalogs, and books for our reference.

At right is my first attempt at fabric painting. I learned how to  add texture and color to a piece of white fabric, to use Decolourant Plus, stamps... My subsequent projects were nicer (will upload pictures later), and will definitely serve as background for upcoming art quilts.

How powerful it was for me to learn that I can paint my own fabrics, starting with white, batiks, or printed fabric!

I can't wait to practice and learn more about surface design... If you would like more information about the techniques and products I mentioned, be sure to visit Anne's website and Lisa's blog!


  1. Denise it was wonderful having you in our class today! We enjoyed your perky personality and witty remarks. I especially enjoyed seeing the beautiful progress you made in just one day of playing! Keep up the great work! I will email you a couple of photos. Would you be so kind as to share the first two photos from this post with me?

  2. Your work was beautiful, Denise. I had a great time at Quilt Fest with you!


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