July 16, 2012

Why I love my quilt guild

The sisterhood of fabric and thread – that should be the byline of our quilt guild, Piece of Heaven! Based in Draper, Utah, we meet the first Thursday of every month and I hold that spot in my calendar sacred. I was introduced to the guild by a non-quilting neighbor in 2009, two years after we moved to Utah. Joining immediately, I attended my first meeting, participated in that year’s spring retreat, and was hooked! With 50 members, this wonderful group of women has a wide variety of interests within the art of quilting, which translates into fun, instructive, and inspirational meetings. Here is the best part: we grow together in the art as we encourage one another to try different techniques, in friendship as we learn to appreciate one another for our uniqueness, and in life as we encourage one another to endure to the end, regardless of how many times the threads of motherly patience, health, and sanity keep breaking on us!

As its presidency rotates every year, our group is exposed to a multitude of classes and trunk shows, humanitarian initiatives, as well as light-hearted activities, such as last year’s Halloween quilt, costume, and cackle contest. Members participate with enthusiasm, contributing to an extraordinary experience for all of us.

Under the direction of founder Karen Wight, the focus remains to enrich our quilting experience while having lots of fun. Although she is accomplishing this every month, the overriding effect our quilt guild has had on my life has been to ease me into the community, to provide a forum within which to test my crafty ideas, and to expand my knowledge of the quilting world. Above all, as an expatriate from Brazil, our quilt guild has gifted me with 49 sisters! And that, my friends, is heaven on earth!

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