July 10, 2012

Holiday patterns VS Packing

I am supposed to start packing for our upcoming move. Instead, I am going through my recent purchases and trying to decide which pattern to work with first WHEN I am installed in my new studio...

These are Easy as Pie by Karen Christensen. They are lovely! I should begin with the Fall Wall Hanging #160. It will look great right at the entrance of the house.

Oh... I can tell packing will require an enormous amount of willpower. I need you to inspire me as I go through this process. So, what words of advice have you got for me?


  1. ooph, when it comes to packing... i am terrible. i have to make lists and check things off as i go! growing up we moved several times, and i've moved in and out of several dorms/apartments, and my best advice would be to make a list of the things in each box and tape it to the box so you can easily find things when you arrive at your new place!

  2. Set a reward for yourself. Do an hour of packing and then take a few minutes to rest and thing about your patterns and decide or get together a hand sewing kit so you can do a few stitches in odd moments.


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