July 21, 2012

Flowers when you need them most...

My husband took a couple of days off from work and so did I! Since packing the house is just about done and my brain is fried, I hopped in the car and headed north to Idaho. I arrived in Twin Falls Friday evening.

Why Twin Falls? Because I wanted to visit two quilt stores in this area (more about them on another post), and this was the closest place to those stores where hotels weren't sold out (Really? I thought Chris Isaak's show was far away from here.)

Although this break is supposed to give me a breather from the boys in my life, all I can do is think of them. I did "manage" to have a fun day shopping for my favorite item - FABRIC - and talking to random quilters. As I am finally in my hotel room with my feet up, the room phone rings:

"Hi, this is Patrick, are you in your room?" [Who IS Patrick, and if I answered the room phone, where in the world am I? Anyway...]  
"Yes, I am in my room. Why?"
"I have something for you."  
"What is it?"
"It is a surprise. I am coming to your room."  [!!!]

I run to the peep hole hoping that this Patrick person is in a hotel uniform... and he is. The young (and prankester) man is holding a vase of flowers.

"This is from me! Nah, just kidding. It was at the front desk for you. Enjoy your evening."

My husband has no idea how scared and happy I was to receive his flowers! How sweet... He just won 1,000 points with me (plus the points he got for each dollar I spent on fabric today!!!) :-)

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  1. Yo creo que estas en DEUDA con El, solo el haberte mimado, y llevado a tus compras..un BRAVO!! para ese amoroso Esposo!!
    Seguro que Te Lo .


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