July 6, 2012

Fabric dolls

I am getting the doll itch again... I made this one a while ago and it was as much fun as dressing up a little girl. Some dolls take two or three days to make, depending on how many hours I have available at the time, but they are worth it.

I prefer to stuff them very firm, and like to paint on the shoes and facial features. Plain beige Kona muslim is my fabric of choice for the body, and since I do not make primitive dolls, I stay away from the tea-dyed variety. When I start them, I have an assembly line going, stitching a few bodies and stuffing them, working on the clothes next, etc.

Although I use quilt fabrics for their clothing, I keep them separated so when I am ready I go directly to that drawer to find cute material for the tiny dresses, pants, hats...

In the end, they are more expensive then store-bought dolls. However, they are one-of-a-kind gifts.


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