June 4, 2012

Paper piecing party at Thimbles & Threads

Guess what I did for... humm... about 15 hours last Friday and Saturday! I was helping Cathie at Thimbles and Threads in Draper, UT, prepare the quilt for Shop Hop which is coming up June 13. "Prepare" is the correct word, as I did not get even close to finishing ONE BLOCK!

Paper piecing is great fun when you are NOT facing a quick-approaching deadline, are NOT working on a quilt with over 100 blocks, and when each block are NOT made up of 27 tiny pieces of fabric! Since I am one of those people who repeat the same steps over and over (align pieces of fabric, pin, flip, sew, finger press, check seam allowances, flip, repeat, see tutorial here), I finished 2/3 of the blocks as I was chain piecing.

All kidding aside, I had the best time! It was as if we were at a quilt retreat, at a great location: inside a quilt store.  Now that would be a dream retreat, huh? We stitched, picked out stitches, laughed (NEVER in this order, for who laughs when they are picking out stitches!) for 2 days and, hopefully, helped Cathie get a little closer to finishing the quilt on time.

So... Cathie... what did you do all day on Sunday?


  1. cathie@thimblesandthreads.comJune 4, 2012 at 11:03 AM

    Did you dream about paper piecing Saturday night? I did! The blocks are almost finished. Today I start putting the rows together. Hopefully it will go much quicker than the blocks. I couldn't have gotten this done without you and Cheryl and it definitely wouldn't have been as much fun!

  2. Cathie, I did not dream about anything! It was a blissful rest. Call me next time you want company! :-)


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