June 20, 2012

Fall Decor Tutorial

fall decor

Fall in June?

Well... I just had an inspiration, dropped what I was doing, and created it. I love decorating the house with miniature squashes and pumpkins, but I do not like throwing them away afterwards. Problem solved!

The tutorial below will help you, and in no time at all you will have a fun decorating project for the harvest time. Can you think of all the people who might enjoy these as gifts?

Yellow and green felt or wool
Green Floral wire
Quilting thread
Decorator Needle
Glue gun and glue stick
Silky Soft Fiber 

My kitchen is like the tool section of Home Depot: so many possibilities! Grab a bowl and use it to trace circles on felt (or wool). Mine measures 7.5 inches across.

Cut circles and 4-pointed stars (I drew the stars and cut them out of green felt).
Using quilting thread and running stitch, sew around the circle (double thread).
Gather the stitches to make a giant yo-yo.
Fill the yo-yo with Silky Soft Plush Fiber, or any other material you use to make stuffed animals.
Gather the yo-yo tight, and secure the ends together, to close the opening.
Using a decorator needle, or any other long needle, thread it with quilting thread (double thread).
Starting at the top of the yo-yo, or squash!, pull the needle through it, pulling the thread tight so as to start marking the sections on the squash.
You will do it four times, and will end up with 4 sections.

Can you see what I mean? As you pull it tight, the thread will be buried on the felt and won't show.
Cut floral wire into 3 4-inch sections and wrap it around a pencil, leaving a 3/4-inch tail.

You should end up with three curly things like this one.
Cut a tiny hole in the middle of the four-pointed star and pass the curly wires through it.
Now is the time to use the glue gun. Since I purchased this one I have not burned my fingers!
Place the green felt piece with the wires over the top of the squash, carefully flip each corner and add glue underneath, making sure the glue catches the wires.
This is what the squash looks like. Cool, huh?

What do you think? My boys thought they were real!!! Enjoy...


  1. Very sweet! AND they look pretty easy to make. Thanks for the great pictures!


  2. Very cute! But I can't believe you are that far ahead of the game, LOL!


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