May 31, 2012


I don't know about you, but Summer officially starts the day my children get off school. I seem to enter a new world then. There is an unpredictability about my days which can be both invigorating and disconcerting, fun and exasperating, but the boys don't seem to care. They play video games before I wake up, so they can squeeze in more time than the one hour per day allowance, eat chips for breakfast [to my chagrin], and are bored by 9:45 am.

No where in my job description or marriage agreement can one find the words 'Entertainment Director', but I have fallen into that role and still struggle to fulfill my duties. They are not always happy with my performance, but hey, I don't see them posting an ad for someone else in the classified section of Happy or not, it looks like I will still hold that job for a few more years, unless my husband retires early.

Growing up, the closest thing I did to sports was walking, and lots of it I did since we lived in a huge city (Sao Paulo, Brazil), and  my father drove to work the only car we had. I liked reading, studying (the nerd of the class), cooking, and crafts: the perfect upbringing for the future mother of three boys, don't you think?

My Summers are the longest seasons ever, and since Menopause became a guest in my house nine years ago, any activity that does not involve being in a room with Air Conditioning is totally unappealing to me. If there is not a cool breeze outside, the treadmill suddenly becomes a pathway to heaven. No wonder the boys think my husband is the coolest parent on earth: they play tennis, basketball, golf, go biking, go fishing, ride ATVs... This is an example of God's sense of humor, I guess.

It is all good.


  1. Sounds like me....I don't do the heat very well at all. And, here I live in the hot, humid south.

  2. Tonya, I am Brazilian and for the past few years, when I go to visit I suffer big time. I am so spoiled by the AC everywhere in the U.S.


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