May 24, 2012

Cool little bags

handmade bags

A few weeks ago I won these fat quarters from Annie at Annie's Ruby Slipperz, and during our quilt retreat last week I finally had time to work with them. I turned them into awesome bags, using the Smart Bag product by QuiltSmart. Aren't they cute? They are easy and quick to make, and you can use all sorts of fun trims to decorate them: buttons, ric-rac, ribbons, fabric flowers...

You sew the liner and the outer shell at the same time using two fat quarters per bag.That is it! I will fill them with bath salts and lotions, toys, etc. Just trying to get ahead of the Christmas season, (This time I am mailing the gifts via UPS as I used to do, before I chose the USPS last year and ALL my handmade gifts were lost!!!)

Look at the other three I made:

handmade bags
small bags
The Christmas one can be used for boys or girls and it is a fun way to 'wrap' a gift. I think they are a better choice than traditional gift bags, which usually are thrown away.

The interface to which the fabrics are ironed add body to the bag. Children might enjoy them even more, as they can carry their precious things in them wherever they go. They make perfect bags for little ones to tote their quiet books to church.

Each bag measures approximately 9" x 10", plus the handles. How about this one at left? I used some old Lakehouse fabrics I had, adding pink and light green buttons. Notice how the contrasting fabrics work so well together... Huhmmm... I think I will make a few more!

How about you? Have you started making Christmas gifts yet? Do you choose a project each year and make it for everybody, or do you make a different project for each person?

I would love to hear from you!


  1. I haven't started making anything for Christmas at all. But, I love the bags that have green in them. mmmm

  2. This are such cute bags...!!


  3. Love the bags! Great post! Just followed you on GFC. Hope you'll follow me back. Thanks! :)


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