April 3, 2012

"Thin" fat quarters

When I buy fat quarters I expect them to be cut to their exact size, 18" x 22". I recently went to a quilt store and bought $55 worth of off-white, light beige fat quarters for a project. As I started cutting them, surprise! I realized that many were missing more than an inch at a corner, resulting in lots of wasted fabric. I also had to buy more fat quarters. Not happy! :-( Does this happen to you? Fat quarters can be folded in many different ways - should we open them before we buy them? Ai, ai, ai...


  1. We always try and cut the half yards for our fat quarters at 19 inches for that very reason. The 22" cut varies because we can't control the width of the fabric but it's pretty rare that a bolt is less than 44" wide. If you bought those fats at my shop, let me know so I can fix the problem.

  2. No, girl! Your fat quarters are perfect!!! The ones I mentioned had a diagonal edge on one side... which is really hard to come by. Your shop rocks! :-)


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