March 28, 2012

What fishermen and quilters have in common

While my husband and I were away last weekend, my oldest son Michael took Chris and Ryan fishing. This picture of Ryan against the mountainous background gave me an idea for another landscape quilt, until I noticed the open-mouthed catfish, struggling, right before Ryan sent him back into the lake water and saw it swim away. Will definitely have to edit the catfish and the fashionable glove out of this picture for the quilt.

As a result of this fishing trip, Ryan has spent about $70 at Walmart, buying the biggest fishing tackle box they had, plus lots of yucky stuff to put in it. When we got home, he looked so happy placing each lure, hook, etc, into its many compartments. It reminded me of how happy I get every time I buy a new gadget for my studio. Besides the love for nature, here ends the similarity between fishermen and quilters as far as I am concerned. (I could not help thinking of all the pretty fabric I could have bought with that money...)


  1. hahaha wow, he grew up so fast... I still remember him asking you if he could eat the candy on the christmas tree before dinner, or when me, ryan, amanda and chris were pretending to be tigers and roaring to each other and jumping on the bed :D
    well... I'm still trying to convince my parents to visit you all at christmas!
    P.S: my english might have a few mistakes... please correct me if that happens :)

  2. So, you are doing fine! Check out the picture of Chris sewing!


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