March 20, 2012

Chatting with our Quilting Idols

As I read patterns, collect quilt books, thumb through quilt magazines, and go hunting for the newest fabric collection, I often wonder about the lives of the authors, designers, and quilt store owners. What prompted them to start quilting? How did they go from quilters to entrepreneurs?

So, I decided to find out by interviewing them. The result is the newest page on this blog, Meet Leading Quilters [I renamed it Meet the Masters recently!]. It takes a little bit of time to be able to complete an interview, but as they are available I will post them. So, check back often!

I would also like suggestions from you: who should I interview next? Is there an artist or business owner who you admire and would like to learn more about his/her life and craft? Suggest a name and, whenever I publish the interview, you will get a stack of fat quarters! What are you waiting for?

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