March 3, 2012

Applique Group Quilt

Or should we call it The 3am Club, since I started this post at 3 am this morning? Anyway, I will start with a piece of background fabric and an applique motif for a wall hanging. Then, I will mail it to the next person, who will have TWO weeks to hand applique something new, hand embroider or embellish an existing addition, contributing to the work. She (or he?) will send it to the next person, who will add her (his?) own something special. We will send the project around as many times as needed to complete it. I am thinking the size of the background will be that of a fat quarter. If we get a large group, I will increase the size of the background.

The last person of the group will send it to me to quilt and bind the project. Now, for the best part. Upon completion of the project, I will go to my favorite quilt store, which shall remain nameless, and ask Cathie, the owner, to draw the name of the winner, who will be the recipient of this Joint Effort. The winner will also be awarded other goodies by said owner. (I am praying Cathie is reading my posts often, or she will get a delightful surprise when we are done!) Then, if you had fun, we will start it all over again. Each completed work will be featured on this blog, along with a picture of the winner.

Here are the rules:
- You must be a member of this blog to participate and must be willing to share your address so we know where to send the project for the next step.
- All applique additions will be by needle turn. Use the applique technique you prefer. Here are great tutorials to get you started:

Fusible Web

Freezer Paper

Turning a Sharp Point

- Hand Embroidery and embellishments: the sky is the limit, making sure it complements what has been done before, or what you just did.
- Each person has two weeks to make the addition. Ideally, each contribution will cover an area of at least 3" x 3". This will vary in the case of embroidery and embellishment additions, of course, as you may choose to embroider around a piece that is approximately 5", for instance, or heavily work on a smaller area.
- The fabrics or colors used will be your personal choice, without concern for matching period, type of thread, etc, as long as it looks cool.
- We will need a minimum of 5 members to start this project. Since I KNOW you can't wait to get started, we should have the group figured out by Saturday, March 11.

Let's get started! Join Jamie's Applique Group Quilt today!

(OK, it is 5 am now [mountain time]. It only took me a COUPLE of hours to figure this out. If Jamie the cat continues to wake me up at 3 am every day as she has done for the past week, can you imagine the crazy stuff I will come up with? Jamie's Red Work Round Robin, Jamie's Giveaway (all cat themed fabrics), Jamie's Lap Quilt, ai, ai, ai...)


  1. I have to decline your offer of drawing a winning name...I want to play too! So put me on the list for this fun twist on the Round Robin. When it comes time to draw, we can nab an unsuspecting and unbaised customer to draw. Maybe I'll get lucky and she/he will draw my name.

  2. Yes, Yes, Yes!!! (Picture Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally). :-)


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