February 10, 2012

Winter Wonderland

Crabapple Hill Studio has amazing quilt patterns with embroidery blocks. Inspired by some friends at my quilt guild I started working on their Winter Wonderland pattern. Instead of doing redwork, I decided to work with varigated floss in blues and grays. I cut, marked (using Pilot FriXion pens), and basted all the blocks for the quilt and am almost done with the first block. Although I anticipate it will be a few months before I get it done, I put the block I am working on, along with a couple extra ones, in a small, portable handbag, ready to go wherever I go and can do handwork. One note about the FriXion pen: the lines disappear upon ironing the block, the reason why I use it in embroidery as I don't need to freak out if I stitch away from a line, as I do when I mark my work with permanent markers. HOWEVER, if you decide that your next block to work on is sort of wrinkled and iron it... you will have to marking it again. Don't ask me how I know this... :-)

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