February 27, 2012

Surgical tweezers in my studio?

Well... who knew? Another tool I cannot live without is a stainless steel pointy tweezer. It offers great help when I can't  pull pieces of threads from quilts, if I must pull stray pieces of thread from my sewing machine, or to remove paper from seams. I even use them to grab my sewing machine needles when I can't pick them up with my nails. Handy!!!


  1. The surgical tool I can't live without is my hemostats. I use them when turning those small sewing projects sewn wrong-sides-together right-side out, to pull neeles through thick seams or interfacing, and I even learned a freezer-paper turned applique method for which they are a must. I'll have to try out the tweezers. I'm sure they'll be the next tool I can't live without!

  2. Well, another reason for me to stop by Thimbles and Threads! Gotta try a hemostat! :-)


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