February 17, 2012

The art of having fun

When I started quilting, I used to go to the local quilt store, Patches Quilting in Mount Airy, Maryland, and show my work. As they were looking at my quilt I would say: "I messed up here, the corners there did not match, I made another mistake there..." Jackie, the owner, told me she did not like when customers came in and showed their beautiful work, and then proceeded to point out all that went wrong. It makes sense... Quilting is another form of art, and have you ever stood in front of a painting and heard the painter point out where the brush strokes went wrong? From then on, I always remembered Jackie and decided to just enjoy the product of my creativity and handiwork. Oh, how much happier I am! Although I am no quilt show judge, I appreciate good workmanship and strive to improve my own. Some quilters thrive on perfection, others not so much. So what? Hopefully, we are all having fun. There is beauty in any work, and every quilt is an expression of the person who made it. That is good enough for me. What do you think?

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