March 13, 2019

JotDot - Free quilt pattern

Happy [snowy] Wednesday! Let's rock this day with a FREE PATTERN (the blizzard is so crazy my high schooler HAS to stay in bed)! JotDot Quilt 1 finishes at 72" x 84" and the blocks measure 12". It will brighten any room in your home with its modern charm and colorful palette.

I love the textures of this collection - perfect on their own as in the quilt above, or as basics with other fabrics. JotDot Quilt 1 makes all the colors shine through the rings, except... you can make this quilt in one day!

Blank Quilting featured the JotDot Quilt 1 in their booth at Quilt Market in Houston last November. It turned out so fun!

These are a few of the JotDot colors I am working with - a very secret project! There are 15 different hues making this collection a "must-have" in your stash.

What is the trick for the 'one-day' construction promise I made above? You must download the pattern to find out!

The JotDot fabric collection by Blank Quilting is shipping to the stores right now. Head to your favorite shop to get it, download the pattern, and save one day for this project so you can welcome Spring with style.

I can't see the houses across the street because snow and wind are doing their dance. As for me, I will spend the day in my quilt room with these gorgeous, bright, and colorful JotDots!

March 11, 2019

Stitched So Sweet

What a crazy day it is outside: if I look out one window, it is cloudy and gloomy; if I look out the other window, it is sunny! The sunny window is enticing but my office is facing the clouds. So, I decided to look down and through the pages of this gorgeous book by Tracy Souza: Stitched So Sweet - Whimsical Embroidery, Patchwork, and Applique', published by Martingale.

Tracy's designs are quick to make featuring easy embroidery designs and patchwork (did you notice the hidden Easter Eggs above?). She chose materials which are readily available and I bet most of us have in our craft room, as well as familiar embroidery stitches - these projects will not become UFOs! She included a step-by-step description of how to frame the projects, stitching tips, and an explanation about how to make the back of the work look just as nice as the front.

The projects have subtle reminders of the seasons and would fit any home decor due to their simple lines. The accent pillow above is fantastic! Just what we need to add a touch of handmade work without crowding a corner or room.

I love Tracy's wool applique' projects! There is one needlebook for every season - perfect for gifting.

OMGoodness! I would never have to put this one away - it has all the seasons in it! I am in love!

Stitched So Sweet is available in print or as an eBook. Martingale is having their semi-annual Warehouse sale with more than 90 books priced at $6.00. Wow, let's check them out!

Have a great day,

March 5, 2019

Give Thanks free quilt projects

Free pattern alert!!! Take a look at these super cute fabrics! I designed this wall hanging for Blank Quilting using the amazing Give Thanks II fabric collection by Bernadette Deming. The quilt measures 52" x 72", the border blocks are simple and easy to make, with machine appliqued corner stars bringing out the stars from the panel. The fabrics are shipping to stores and the pattern is free - do you need any more temptation?

If you do, here is the other free pattern for the same collection - a table runner and placemat set!

As you can see, I could not get enough of that colorful acorn fabric - I put it everywhere! I wish Oak trees produced bright and colorful acorns as these - I would never rake the yard... The table runner measures 25" x 54" and the placemats finish at 12-1/2" x 17-1/2". Check out the fabrics on the placemats:

Bernadette put together all our fond memories of the October/November season in every whimsical design, transporting us back in time to hay rides and the sweet aromas of a Thanksgiving feast or enticing us to get our home decor ready now so when the family arrives we can enjoy them without the rush.

You can download both patterns from Blank Quilting's website under the Free Projects Tab (Check out the other amazing projects while you are there!): look for "Give Thanks II" and you will see the Quilt 1 project sheet and the Table Runner set sheet.

Have a colorful Tuesday!

February 14, 2019

Happy Valentine's Day!

Guys, look at what I just found on my desk! Should I have it for breakfast? I begged him not to buy me chocolates. Don't take me wrong: I love chocolates but I have to eat it all. At once! I forgot to say "Don't buy me anything I love to eat like, chocolate, cake, sweets in any form"... but hey, he bought it, not me, so my job is to EAT it. Happy Valentine's Day to all of you...

I really love how delicate this print is. Strawberries and flowers always tug at my heart. You may wonder why I asked the question about directional fabrics: when I began quilting I would only use directionals on borders. That was such a long time ago and, today, they are fair game. Although I must confess, they do complicate the life of pattern designers sometimes.

We have another winner:

1 Set of 1 Unique Number
Range: From 1 to 36

Set #1
My friend Research Randomizer picked:

I totally use directional fabric...Just have to be careful while using it! Thanks for sharing the giveaway!!

Sewgirl, you have 1-1/2 yards of fabric coming your way. I will send you an email shortly to get your address information.

I woke up thinking that today is Friday. Say What? It is still Thursday! Dang, girl. So, yeah, my job now is to make this an awesome day. I wish the same to you!

February 11, 2019

Winner announced and Fabric Giveaway

Thank you for participating in last week's giveaway! "Easy Layer-Cake Quilts 2" is a great book filled with ideas for quilts with 10" squares, whether you bought them as layer cakes, made your own cakes, or use yardage. We have a winner! Here is the randomizer pick:

1 Set of 1 Unique Number
Range: From 1 to 56
Set #1

CeciliaFebruary 6, 2019 at 11:01 AM

I mostly buy yardage, but the precuts are hard to resist...

Congratulations, Cecilia! I will email you soon to get your mailing information. In the meantime...

This week it is Valentine's Day in the US. In Brazil, Valentine's Day (Dia dos Namorados) is in June so in my house we celebrate it twice! In the spirit of this celebration, let's have another giveaway: 1-1/2 yards of this cute fabric by Riley Blake Designs with little flowers and strawberries. Who needs chocolate, right?

I will mail it to you wherever you are in the world. Just answer this question: Do you use directional fabrics in blocks, or do you leave them for the borders only? Remember, if you are not a blogger leave your email address using this format: "" - you will not get spammed and I will have a way to get in touch with you. 

The winner will be revealed on February 14 - Valentine's Day. Happy Monday!

February 8, 2019

Joyful quilt

Photograph by American Quilter. Used with permission.
Doesn't she make you want to smile all day? This cutie pie must be blessing her family and the life of those around her with her sunny face... I can almost hear the giggles and happiness with all the attention she is getting as she poses for this photograph. Her gorgeous outfit brings out the blue in her eyes and is exactly how I would dress a baby girl had I had one (only boys on this side of the Rockies). But wait, I am supposed to talk about the quilt she is sitting on! "Joyful" is how I feel when I look at this baby!

"Joyful" measures 56" x 56" with blocks that finish at 6" and 8". You can customize it and use mainly blue, green, soft yellow and teal prints for a boy, too. Super easy to make, this quilt would look great with any fabric although, if you want to keep the vintage look, you may want to go with Riley Blake Designs' Date Night collection as I did.

These prints are so fun to work with! They have a great mix of values and textures and I love how the quilt turned out. Their colors are soft with whimsical flowers and dots, well displayed on Joyful's blocks.

Melissa Kelly from Sew Shabby Quilting made this quilt even prettier with her choice of quilting motif. Joyful would look great hand quilted, too.

You can find the pattern in the March 2019 issue of American Quilter magazine, a publication of the American Quilter Society. I have already received my copy because I am a member! This issue has amazing articles and projects. When you join AQS, you receive your copy of the magazine quickly and have a host of discounts on shows, online classes, and merchandise. So worth it!

Speaking of worthy things, have you entered my giveaway for a chance to win a copy of the book  Easy Layer-Cake Quilts 2? The winner will be announced on Monday morning, so head over and leave a comment.

Have a wonderful weekend,

February 6, 2019

Layer-Cake Quilts and Giveaway

Last night I read that our bodies crave different colors at different times ("Light Emerging - The Journey of Personal Healing" by Barbara Ann Brennan). Since I began quilting, it seems my body just plain craves colors in all its fiber varieties: bright or subdued, busy or calm, old fashioned or super modern. Against any background, as long as the colors dance before my eyes, my body dances, too, and my spirit soars regardless of what may be happening around me.

"Easy Layer-Cake Quilts 2: More Simple Quilts from 10" Squares" by Barbara Groves and Mary Jacobson, recently published by Martingale, has had me dancing from the moment I saw its cover! The book features 11 projects made with Layer Cakes - must-have!

All photographs by Brent Kane for Martingale. Used with permission.
Add a little bit of yardage and you have all you need for beautiful, colorful quilts requiring the skills of advanced beginners and one weekend. "Daybreak", above, is the last quilt in the book but the first one I saw as I peruse books beginning at the back cover... What a happy quilt and ideal to display those prints we do not want to cut into tiny pieces.

The Layer Cakes provide enough of each fabric in a collection to ensure our quilts have a great mix of textures, values, and print scales. Barbara Groves and Mary Jacobson expertly use this variety in their designs teaching us how we can achieve the same wonderful results as we use our own stash of fabrics, pre-cut or not.

I like that Barbara and Mary suggest how we can use leftover triangles in other projects, and the many other tips we get throughout the book. You see, sometimes one little tip can make all the difference in our quilt-making journey so I always make sure I read them all. I feel as if they were granting us a personal interview ("How did they know I was wondering about that?" is what I ask myself often as I read those tidbits).

"Around the Block", above, is such a fun design with a fantastic explosion of color. Just make sure there is a lot of contrast between the prints you choose and the background, and your quilt will be a gem!

I also noticed that almost all the projects show cool textured fabrics on the binding. You can tell Barbara and Mary have a lot of fun designing the projects for their books, putting a lot of thought into every aspect of the process. All the hard work is done so we, quilters, can just cut, sew, and snuggle.

Snuggling is what I feel like doing because we have wind and snow raging outside to make life interesting today. All the more reason to go through Easy Layer-Cake Quilts 2, choose one of the projects, and focus on colors!

[Giveaway Closed]
How about a giveaway today? Leave a comment to let me know which one you purchase more often - yardage or precuts. On Monday morning I will announce the winner of a copy of Easy Layer-Cake Quilts 2 (hardcopy within the US, eVersion for international locations), courtesy of Martingale.

Don't forget to mention your email address (but use this format: "" [in other words, do not use the @ symbol opting instead for the 'at' word] so you do not get spammed!) as I will need a way to contact you.

Happy Wednesday!


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