September 13, 2019

Blue and White free quilt patterns

Free pattern alert! Actually, I have two free patterns for you today - anything to make Friday the 13th more fun, right? I designed these two projects - Quilt 1 above and Quilt 2 below - for the beautiful Once in a Blue Mood fabric collection by Yolanda Fundora for Blank Quilting. Quilt 1 features a gorgeous floral panel...

... and Quilt 2 showcases all the other fabrics in this line in a chain design with dragonflies fluttering about on the center of the chains. The border has elongated scallops which are machine appliqued to the border - easy!

I loved working with Once in a Blue Mood because the fabrics have the perfect combination of textures and values in order for a quilter to create a project with lots of contrast and interest. Check them out and I am sure you will agree with me:

Such amazing prints! A two-color quilt can be full of movement and charm when the colors are expertly used on the fabric design as in this collection. Once in a Blue Mood is already shipping to stores so download the patterns, go to your local quilt store, and have a great time quilting this weekend.

On another note, I found this on Pinterest and decided to share here. Instead of carrying on your shoulders the mountain of stuff you went through during your lifetime, put them all aside and sew on. With blue and white - like the ocean waves with gentle crests...

Have a fantastic weekend,

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