May 24, 2019

While I work...

I am finishing a secret project using Riley Blake Designs Christmas fabrics. The binding is taking hours to complete and I am doing so while listening to music. The binding phase of any project is, to me, like approaching the finish line on a race. Not because I have been racing to finish it (although it does happen sometimes), but because the quilt is practically done and it will be time to celebrate another finish. Next, usually, is the label or sometimes the hanging sleeve as it will be the case with this one.

This is how I bind - the edge of the quilt is near me and the bulk of it is on my lap or on the chair/ottoman. I have seen photos where the quilters are holding the edge of the quilt away from them, binding it the other way around. I can't do it like that - or maybe they are just photographing it that way. For one, the heavy quilt would have to be moved at every little bit; secondly, I would be sweating buckets (I am no longer a spring chicken, you know!).

Toby, the dog, is sleeping through my work. I am sure relaxing music is lulling him into restful sleep. He went to the groomer this morning and is tired after standing for hours while they trimmed his beautiful coat. Toby is such a good dog and companion.

Anyway, we are very close to the long weekend and I wish you a fantastic one. It will be raining here in Utah (again) so we will probably not have a cookout. I hope you have time to sew! See you next week,

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  1. I bind my quilts like you do, however I have been told I do it backwards. Their way looked backwards to me! lol


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