March 11, 2019

Stitched So Sweet

What a crazy day it is outside: if I look out one window, it is cloudy and gloomy; if I look out the other window, it is sunny! The sunny window is enticing but my office is facing the clouds. So, I decided to look down and through the pages of this gorgeous book by Tracy Souza: Stitched So Sweet - Whimsical Embroidery, Patchwork, and Applique', published by Martingale.

Tracy's designs are quick to make featuring easy embroidery designs and patchwork (did you notice the hidden Easter Eggs above?). She chose materials which are readily available and I bet most of us have in our craft room, as well as familiar embroidery stitches - these projects will not become UFOs! She included a step-by-step description of how to frame the projects, stitching tips, and an explanation about how to make the back of the work look just as nice as the front.

The projects have subtle reminders of the seasons and would fit any home decor due to their simple lines. The accent pillow above is fantastic! Just what we need to add a touch of handmade work without crowding a corner or room.

I love Tracy's wool applique' projects! There is one needlebook for every season - perfect for gifting.

OMGoodness! I would never have to put this one away - it has all the seasons in it! I am in love!

Stitched So Sweet is available in print or as an eBook. Martingale is having their semi-annual Warehouse sale with more than 90 books priced at $6.00. Wow, let's check them out!

Have a great day,


  1. Those are so sweet!
    Your weather sounds like our Louisiana weather! Freezing one day and nearly 80 the next.

  2. This book is really filled with awesome projects. As for the weather, I hope yours is tending more to the 80s! Thanks for stopping by!


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