January 15, 2019

Serpentine - Free quilt pattern

Happy Tuesday! How about a free quilt pattern for you today? I designed Serpentine with the Tonga Sky View batik collection by Daniela Stout for Timeless Treasures. It measures 61-1/2″ x 71-1/2″ and the blocks finish at 10". I love the colors in this collection - serene is the word that comes to mind:

I really need one bolt of each of these fabrics and then I should be all set! Maybe... It would be nice to have a whole set of drawers stuffed with batiks of every hue and texture.

The quilt blocks are very simple so the fabrics can shine. Serpentine's design is achieved by alternating the direction of the blocks every other row. There are other possibilities and by rotating the blocks you will come up with surprising designs.

This is a fast and fun project - and it is free. Three Fs :-). The Tonga Sky View batiks were perfect for it, yet you can choose other Timeless Treasures batiks for a more vibrant look (try Tonga Vivid).

Have a great sewing day!


  1. Great looking quilt. Thanks for the link to the pattern, just downloaded it.

  2. This is such a great example of simple design work, nice crisp corners and a great way to show the prints from a favourite line!! plus it is super easy and fast to make!!! thank you for sharing


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