April 3, 2018

This and That

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you had a great weekend. Most of mine was spent working, this time making an Autumn quilt for a magazine. Above are the Hoffman fabrics I am working with. The colors are rich and beautiful!

Oh... it was so painful cutting these leaves into smaller pieces!

Speaking of cutting, here is what I do to cut long lengths of fabrics: after pressing them, I place the ironing board close to the sewing table where I will cut it (not the cutting table because it is higher than the sewing table). With the fabric laying on the mat and on the ironing board, I do not have one side of it draping toward the floor and pulling the section that is ready to be cut. It works for me as it decreases the amount of time I have to square the fabric before I cut, saving fabric and time.

Chris, my 18-year-old, is helping me with this project as I need diagonal lines drawn on the wrong side of over 600 squares. He makes my heart sing! He works on my cutting table while I work on the sewing table. What a team!

It isn't all fun and roses with the teenagers. These cartoons illustrate some of my frustration with them and make me realize I am not alone in this struggle. Phew.

Before I go, have you heard of  Annie's Creative Studio, a NEW online video streaming service from Annie's? There are six different programs that focus on a variety of crafting interests:
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Subscribers can view all episodes at any time and as many times as desired. Each week, new video episodes and patterns will be added with tons of amazing techniques and tips. They have a free 30-day trial membership that you may want to check out  (I am a member of their affiliate program).

This is it for today. I will post more updates on my quilting life as I go - you know I have been working 24/7 because of all the finished projects, patterns, etc., I have been posting the last few weeks. Yep, quilting is now my fulltime job yet immensely fun!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. I usually get a good laugh over those cartoons. My son is 25 now, but when he was home, I’d often show them to him. For some reason, he didn’t find them as funny as I did. I guess it’s a matter of perspective.


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