March 15, 2018

Yin and Yang Quilt - free pattern

This is my most favorite black and white quilt design to date: It is called Yin and Yang, which I designed for Michael Miller Fabrics super fun fabrics. I called it Yin and Yang because of the contrast between the very geometric lines of the blocks and the floral, free-spirit look of the border fabric.

The quilt measures 52" x 62" and the blocks finish at 10". This one-block quilt pattern can be downloaded for free from Michael Miller Fabrics' website: under "Get Inspired", choose Free Downloads, and you will find it.

Check out the fabrics I used:

Those cats look mischievous, pretending they aren't doing anything wrong (the perfectly set blocks), but then you turn your back on them and they let loose (the border!). There are dogs in this quilt, too - the floral fabric is called "Dalmatian". How cool is that? Love those spots...

Black and White can be so amazing together. The key is to use fabrics with different textures and values to achieve design success. Michael Miller Fabrics has the perfect black and white fabrics to mix and match into beautiful quilts, so I was delighted with the opportunity to work with them.

I hope you enjoy this free quilt design. Happy Thursday!


  1. Great fabrics, I love black and white quilts, and yours is fabulous!

  2. Thank you! The fabrics are fun and look fantastic with this design.


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