January 23, 2018

Blue Mirror Image crochet scarf

Brrrrr... it is so cold outside! I had to wake up very early to drive both teens to the dentist and bring them back in time for school. On my way out I remembered to grab my new scarf - hey, this one I made for me!

The pattern is called Arches from the same book as the last crochet scarf I made: Mirror Image Scarves by Ruthie Marks. My first mirror image scarf can be seen here. I am really loving this book!

This is 62" long and about 3-1/2" wide. As you can see, the pattern is easy and I made it in one sitting. As with the first scarf, I chose the Lion Brand Heartland Tweed yarn - my absolute favorite for scarves and beenies. I like to have on hand many of their colors so whenever I think of a friend or family member I usually have just the right yarn at home to start on the gift, whether I crochet it or knit it.

These are the ones I've been working with lately. They are very soft and the specks add texture and vibrancy to the projects.

I am not ready to put away Mirror Images Scarves, as you can see. It feels good to start and finish a project for a change. Instead of adding to the list of UFOs I am getting ahead on handmade gifts (even for me!) and that is a great way to start any week.

Hope your Tuesday is fantastic!

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  1. I'm so jealous of people like you who are talented at knitting and crocheting. That is a beautiful scarf!


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