October 30, 2017

Modern Spools Sew Along - Blocks 5 and 6

Welcome back to the Modern Spools Sew Along! This time my appliqued block features an iron! I am using motifs of things I use all the time in my sewing room as you have seen from my previous posts.

You can make the motifs any size you want - mine do not take up the whole block because the background fabrics need to show a lot in my opinion.

I am happy I chose 1930s fabrics as they remind me of the fabrics my grandma used to sew with as she made little dresses and other clothes for us. It has been a trip down Memory Lane...

If you have made blocks already send me photos so I can post them here. Otherwise, I will keep plugging along and will have this project done soon (well, I am doing just two blocks every two weeks to allow me time to work on the other projects on the list!).

Have a great day,

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