December 18, 2015

Mittens on the tree

I love this mitten ornament! You can download the template by clicking here, and below is the tutorial. This is another quick gift and the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Try using contrasting fabrics as I did and you will like the results.

Here is what you will need:

(2) Fat quarters or scraps of Christmas fabrics (fabrics shown are courtesy of Michael Miller Fabrics)
1/4" red ribbon
Template paper or plastic
Contrasting thread for topstitching (try Aurifil 40 wt or 28 wt)
Fabric marker
Basic sewing supplies

Stitch a piece of cuff fabric to the mitten fabric. Repeat to make back of mitten. Align back and front
with right sides together, matching seams, and place them over a piece of batting. Download mitten template by clicking here. Cut template and trace it onto fabrics as shown above. Pin and stitch on the outline. 

Trim 1/8" away from outline leaving a 1" opening on the cuff. Turn mitten inside out and press. 

Cut a 6" piece of ribbon, slide both ends into the cuff opening and pin. Topstitch mitten catching the opening and ribbon.

What do you think? Topstiching with a heavier thread (Aurifil 28 wt, for instance) makes the design pop. If you have time, you can embroider the recipient's name on the cuff! As for me, I like it just as it is. I am thinking a tree decorated with mittens of many colors would look so cool...

The weekend is upon us - time for you to take care of your last-minute Christmas gifts. Avoid the shopping rush by making your own: this mitten and last post's angels might just be the projects you need.

Have fun,

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