October 17, 2014

Landscape quilt

Just finished this small (13" x 11") landscape quilt, inspired by a cloudy October day. This mixed media wall hanging features machine applique with monofilament, free motion quilting, free motion embroidery, Prismacolor markers, and Prismacolor colored pencils. The clouds were the last thing I did, even after the binding was applied.

The three leaves are hanging on to the tree just like the ones which remained through the entire last winter through wind, rain, and snow, on a tree right outside my front door. I was amazed at their resilience... so here they are.

I embroidered the foliage and grass, and added the colors with markers.The tree has a bit of a Halloween look, too, perfect for this time of year. My family liked it so much that I am keeping it for us.

Enjoy your day!


  1. This is really a beautiful piece and a work of art! Great job with all your details!

  2. Very nice! The trees in my area will soon look just like this.

  3. So pretty! I have a thing about barren trees so of course I would love it.

  4. so moody, it captures the feel of that kind of day perfectly. I love prismacolor pencils too.
    LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  5. Denise, that is just amazing! One of the prettiest landscape quilts I've ever seen!! Whoop whoop!!

  6. Your quilt is beautiful... so much detail in this little gem. I am not ready to see the trees in my yard look like this, though. :)

  7. Hello Denise,

    This is a really pretty quilt. I love the fact that you have shown the three leaves that held on all winter.
    Would you like to join in with the linky, Free Motion Mavericks, some time? Every Friday to Monday. It would be great to see you there!

    Love from England, Muv


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