April 21, 2014

"Quilt as desired": here's help!

501 Quilting MotifsWhen a quilt top is finished, the next step is to figure out how to quilt it. I have been quilting my own projects for almost 10 years, often deciding on quilting motifs just as I am placing the quilt sandwich in my Bernina. However, I have never taken a course on what to consider when choosing quilting motifs, relying instead on my instincts.
Martingale - 501 Quilting Motifs (Print version + eBook bundle)
That is why I was so excited when I received for review the book "501 Quilting Motifs - Designs for Hand or Machine Quilting" from the editors of Quiltmaker Magazine, published by That Patchwork Place, an imprint of Martingale. Sure, I have half a dozen or so books with quilting motifs to inspire me, but what sets this one apart from the others are the introduction pages, full of guidance on selecting motifs, adapting them to your projects, as well as marking the quilt top, with a handy table of marking tools featuring pros and cons of each one.

The quilting motifs are presented by theme: children and teens, flowers, geometric, hearts, etc., each with placement ideas for blocks of varied shapes as well as for borders. My favorite selections are the flowers, with the vines and borders coming in a close second. The index lists motifs by shape and size, expediting the selection task.

Martingale - 501 Quilting Motifs (Print version + eBook bundle)Martingale - 501 Quilting Motifs (Print version + eBook bundle)

Martingale offers their books on print and eBook versions. 501 Quilting Motifs is a great candidate for anyone's eBook collection, for you can print the pages as you needed them. Love this option!

I have a few tops ready for quilting, and this book has arrived just in time. Its many motifs are making my fingers itch to quilt. If you are shopping for quilting motifs, consider adding this collection to your library - it will become your go-to resource.

Enjoy your Monday!

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