April 10, 2014

Embroidering blocks for a quilt

Two more blocks finished for my grandson's quilt. I started embroidering them in January 2013, and my grandson turns one next week! Ai, ai, ai...
Yep, it is all about Noah's ark, which I am embroidering now. I will add sashing and borders, but it will not be ready by Monday. You can find the other blocks I embroidered here, here, here, here, and here. I only have three more to go. The pre-printed blocks only had the animals so I added grass, water, and other elements to enhance them, unless the animals were large.

I am not stressing about it. I will give it to him when it is ready. In the meantime, I found cute summer clothes for him at Gymboree yesterday, including beach sandals, shoes, beach clothes... It is all neatly wrapped up, along with four stuffed animals which belonged to his daddy. I had washed, dried them, and put them away for this occasion, long before a grandchild was even a dream.

That is all I can think about this week: hugging and kissing my grand baby, who is coming from California. Oh, yes, I want to see my son and his wife, too. :-)

Happy Thursday!


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